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Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes

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Double Your Reading Speed in 10 Minutes

Grab a book, play the recording, and watch your reading speed increase immediately. Even your concentration improves with this single audio session. Paul Scheele worked with several techniques from the PhotoReading whole mind system to give you this reading boost whenever you need it.

Natural Brilliance: Move from feeling stuck to achieving success

Paul Scheele created a uniquely powerful self-study course to help you overcome blocks, to help you overcome any challenge...at will. As a result,

  • Life becomes smoother and more fulfilling

  • Proverbial mountains shrink to molehills

  • Relationships become more meaningful and pleasurable

  • Stress drains from your life

  • Goals soar to achievement

While listening to the first session of the Natural Brilliance Personal Learning Course you will see how Natural Brilliance can work for you. You will begin work on an area of life in which you feel stuck. On Session A of the next four recordings, you will explore the four steps of Natural Brilliance. On Session B of those recordings, Paul guides you through a Paraliminal learning session to make the steps of Natural Brilliance automatic. The sixth, titled the Natural Brilliance Generator Paraliminal, helps you spontaneously move through limitations as they arise in the future.

Million Dollar Vocabulary: Sharpen your verbal edge for success

From the very first listening session your vocabulary will grow. Professor J. Michael Bennett and Paul Scheele's Million Dollar Vocabulary contains breakthrough processes to make it easier to learn over 600 words and their meanings-and use them in every day life. The course consists of 12 lessons and a 64-page playbook that includes a review of the audio lessons as well as quizzes and crossword puzzles, tips for expanding your vocabulary, and an extensive glossary.

The highlights of the course are two Paraliminal learning sessions that will imprint the words and their meanings directly to your brain. Verbally-strong people are credited with superior intelligence, higher education, and gifted capabilities, even if it is not true. Building your vocabulary is perhaps the easiest way to raise your position in the world.

Ideal Mindset - Decisive Action - Consistent Achievement

Paul Scheele created three courses to cover the three components of lasting success. The most prosperous people of the world 1) have an ideal mindset, 2) take decisive action, and 3) consistently achieve. Each course includes a course manual and eight audio recordings, some of which are Paraliminal.

The next three listings describe each of the programs. They can be used individually or as a full program. While Paul Scheele recommends using the programs in order—Ideal Mindset, Decisive Action, and Consistent Achievement—they can be used in any order you choose.

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