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История практическая работа, Государственные, муниципальные архивы и архивы организаций, История практическая работа

Практическое занятие 7
Цель занятия: научиться читать тексты, переводить их, письменно составлять высказывания по заданной тематике, совершенствование навыков устной и письменной речи, отработка умения составления вопросов по тексту.
Задание 1. (максимальное количество баллов – 4 балла)
Прочитайте и переведите текст. Перевод делается обязательно письменно - оформляется или в печатном текстовом документе или пишется от руки и прикрепляется с помощью фото.
Students are the future of every country. They are young citizens of our society, full of infinite energy and progressive ideas, fantastic plans and noble ambitions, hopes and dreams. Student life is the brightest period of our life. It is a mixture of studies and great fun. I know that my parents (ex-students) miss those old good days of their student life.
A student has certain duties to perform. It goes without saying that the primary student duty is studying hard and acquiring proper knowledge for the future career. He must attend all the classes at college, do all the work at the right time, be punctual and disciplined. It can help the student achieve his goals and become diligent and perseverant. If he doesn’t neglect his studies he will receive rich dividends in his future work.
Examination time at the end of each semester is quite tough for students. They spend endless days and nights on studying and cramming. Although some of them use cheating, copying someone’s essays or course works. And you are lucky if you are not caught by the teacher because he can punish you by a poor mark or even by excluding from the college.
Most of the student’s time is devoted to reading and learning. It’s unbelievable but some students manage to deal with part-time jobs because they need a lot of money to study at college or university. Tuition fees and books are very costly nowadays, and if you rent an apartment it’s even more expensive. So students have busy schedules including studies, work and going out to socialize.
A good student never wastes his spare time uselessly. He should also go in for sports to stay in good health and mood. They say: “A sound mind lives in a sound body.” Students love participating in both academic and extra-curricular activities at college: different festivals, intellectual quizzes and summer camps. This social life broadens the mind, develops your talents and communication skills. And this is a wonderful time when you find real friends among your classmates at college.
Finally I’d like to say that it is absolutely great to be a student!

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