Владимира Дмитриевича Аракина одного из замечательных лингвистов России

b) Make up dialogues of your own using word combinations from the texts

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b) Make up dialogues of your own using word combinations from the texts.

IX. Ask your partner
1. About the dinner he usually has (time, place, dishes). 2. If he takes any starter and what he likes for it. 3. What kind of soup he likes best of all. 4. What his favourite meat dishes are. 5. What kinds of fish he knows. 6. If- he likes stewed carrots. 7. What other stewed vegetables or fruit he eats. 8. What he wants for dessert. 9. How many lumps of sugar he takes with his tea. 10. If he prefers strong or weak tea. 11. What he usually does if he spills some liquid on the table-cloth. 12. If he can cook any dishes. 13. About the way he cooks meat (fry, roast, stew). 14. If he sometimes eats out. 15. If he prefers eating out.

X. Compose dialogues between a Russian and an Esglish student discussing a) English and Russian meals; b) their favourite dishes; c) where each of them has his meals.

XI. a) Study the text:

Bread -and-Butter Pudding
Beat up two eggs and add to them one pint of milk and a little flavouring. Butter the pie-dish and cut three slices of bread-and-butter in fingers, removing the crusts. Put a layer of bread in the dish, sprinkle with sugar and a few cleaned currants or raisins, add more bread, fruit and sugar and then pour over the milk and the eggs. Leave to soak for one hour, then bake in a slow oven about an hour. Sprinkle with sugar before serving.

b) Describe the way you cook your favourite dish. You may need some verbs besides those in the text, such as mince, mix, grate, grind, chop, sift, roll, bake.

XII. Try your band at teaching:

A. Preparation. Find 3 proverbs dealing with the topic. Translate them and give their Russian equivalents.
B. Work in Class. Get a member of the class to write one of them on the blackboard. Make another student translate it and give its Russian equivalent. Tell the class to think of a short situation illustrating the proverb. Correct the mistakes. (Look up the words you may need to do the exercise in class in "Classroom English", Section VIII.)

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