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b) Write 10 questions about the facts mentioned in the texts that you find interesting and discuss them in class

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b) Write 10 questions about the facts mentioned in the texts that you find interesting and discuss them in class.

XVIII. Find some jokes on a medical subject and tell them to your fellow-students.

XIX. a) Give а very short description of each picture in the Present Tense. Use prompt words and phrases listed in the Note.

b) Make up a story about the pictures in the Past Tense c) Find a short title to the story.

Note: сточная труба — sewer; носилки - stretcher; санитарная машина — ambulance; санитар - ambulance man; операционная operating-room; гипсовая повязка — plaster-bandage.

XX. Film "Mr.Brown's Holiday". Dilm segment 2 "Miss Peggy and the Pussy Cays" (Canterbury), a) Watch and listen, b) Do the exercises from the guide to the film.

This time you will learn more about the smallest thought units that build up writing, beginning with a paragraph and how they work within the paragraph.
Key-words are main words in the passage that help to emphasize the main point and understand the subject you are writing about. That is why key-words are the first elements to choose when setting your mind on writing on a certain subject and there are different ways to use them in a paragraph: repeating them, using synonyms, bringing them in close semantic relation.
E. g. "He read the letter slowly and carefully. It was not the kind of case he wanted, it was not the kind of case he had promised himself. It was not in any sense an important case..." (From "The Nemean Lion" by A. Christie). Hercule Poirot, the famous detective of A. Christie's had been dreaming of an unusual case. That one about the kidnapping of a dog was a disappointment. It was not a proper case for him.
The central thought of the paragraph is emphasized by repeating the key-word, otherwise echo-word.
1. Go over the test "A Day's Wait" and pick out the key-words and phrases that indicate the topic: of illness and treatment. Arrange them into three groups according to the ways that are commonly used to point out the central thought. Which is the largest group and why?
2. Prepare a list of key-words end phrases before writing a paragraph: a) describing how the poor boy looked before the doctor саше; b) telling a story of his recovery; c) arguing about the turning point in his illness; d) explaining the difference between miles and kilometers, between the Fahrenheit thermometer and the Centigrade thermometer.

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