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IX. Retell the text in reported speech following the outline given below

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IX. Retell the text in reported speech following the outline given below:

1. The boy looks ill.
2. The father calls for a doctor.
3. The doctor diagnoses the illness and leaves instructions.
4. The boy seems detached from what is going on around him.
5. The father goes for a walk.
6. The boy's state troubles his father.
7. The father finds out what worries the boy.
8. The boy relaxes.

Use the vocabulary of the text and the words:

to ask (about, if, why), to wonder (whether, why, what...), to say (that), to tell smb. (about smth.), to add (that), to answer (that), to reply (that), to inquire after (smb.'s health), to declare (that).

X. Supply articles where necessary:

1. ... clinical thermometer is ... small thermometer for finding ... temperature of ... body. 2. ... boiling point of ... Fahrenheit thermometer is 212°, of ... Centigrade thermometer — 100° and of... Reamur thermometer — 80°. 3.... kilometer is ... measure of length as well as... mile and... foot;... kilogram and ... pound are ... measures of weight. 4. His high temperature worried... boy because he didn't know... difference between... Fahrenheit and Centigrade thermometers.

XI. Make up short dialogues starting with the sentences below. Try and argue with each other:

1. The mother to the father: You shouldn't have gone for a walk when the child was ill.
2. The father to the boy: You should have told me what worried you.
3. The mother to the boy: You should have let me in, why didn't you?
4. The mother to the father: You might have guessed that something was worrying the boy.
5. The father to the mother: You might have dropped in to see what state the boy was in.
6. The mother to the father (the next day): I don't like the boy's state. Perhaps we had better call the doctor again?

Use such phrases as;

But why should (shouldn't) I?; Well, I don't (didn't) think...; I wish I could, but...; I really couldn't imagine...; What a silly way to talk!; I wish you wouldn't...; I'm really sorry, but...; I really feel bad about it...; What do you think I should have done...?, etc.
Example: Father: You should go to bed at once.
Son: Why should I? I'm all right.
Father: But you aren't. You're shivering and your face is white.
Son: Well, I just feel a bit cold, I'll sit down by the fire.
Father: You are ill and you have a fever.
Sоn: How do you know?
Father: I knew it just when I put my hand on your forehead.

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