Владимира Дмитриевича Аракина одного из замечательных лингвистов России

c) Give English equivalents of these words and use them in sentences of your own

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c) Give English equivalents of these words and use them in sentences of your own:

голый (2 words), дрожать (2 words), отказаться (2 words).

VII. Fill in

a) ache, hurt, pain, painful:

— What... you?
— I can't say I feel any sharp ... in some definite place, I just... all over.
— Does it... you to move your arms, legs or head?
— My head ... all the time, it ... me to look at the light and each movement is ... .
— Well, I must examine you. Don't be afraid, it won't be ... .
— But, doctor, each touch gives me ....
— Well, try and take it easy.

b) in, on:

— Your child's health is ... a rather bad condition, he must be thoroughly examined in the policlinic.
— But, doctor, he is ... no condition to leave the house, he's too weak.
— Perhaps we'd better take him to hospital then.
— Oh, doctor, isn't it possible to keep him at home?
— Well, only ... condition that you follow all my instructions.

c) refuse, give up:

1. In spite of his father's wish he ... to leave the Medical Institute as he was fond of medicine and didn't want to ... . 2. I decided to break with him after he had ... to help me when I was in great need of help. 3. Though she regularly ... his proposals he couldn't... his dream of marrying her sooner or later. 4. If she asks me for any favour I'll never ... her. 5. If I were you I wouldn't... my plan so easily.

d) like, as:

1. The children jumped and squealed (визжали) ... little puppies. 2. The girl tried to behave ... a grown-up person. 3. She was invited to this conference ... a specialist in medicine. 4. He works ... a doctor in one of our hospitals. 5. You just listen to him, he speaks ... a real doctor, though he doesn't know anything about medicine. 6. ... your doctor, I don't allow you to get up for some more days.

VIII. Write 5 questions after each pattern below. (Keep to the same word order.) Discuss them in class:

1. Do you think the boy would have worried about his temperature if he had known the difference between the Fahrenheit and the Centigrade thermometers?
2. Why, do you think, the medicines were in different coloured capsules?

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