Владимира Дмитриевича Аракина одного из замечательных лингвистов России

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lecturer: a person lower in rank than a reader who gives lectures, especially at a college or university.

48 By School-based experience teaching practice is meant (both "observation period" for junior students and block-teaching practice for senior students).
By Subject studies a broad range of subjects is meant of which a student is to choose two cores (the main subjects).
Education studies means essential knowledge of children, the curriculum, the organization of schools and classes.

49 ball of residence: a more modern term than hostel, used only of student hostels (the abbreviated form hall, with no article, is widely used by students in everyday situations). Hostel is a more general word (a nurses' hostel, a factory hostel, ayouth hostel, etc.).

50 P. E = Physical Education.

51 Ph.. D.: Doctor of Philosophy (title given to completion of any research, no matter which subject you study)

52 mortar board: a flat-topped student's cap

53 Don: a college tutor who directs the studies of undergraduates

54 I.Q. Intelligence Quotient — a number indicating the level of a person's mental development obtained by multiplying his mental age by 100, and dividing the result by his chronological age, the latter generally cot exceeding 16.

55 to swim for one's university: to take part in swimming races held between one's university team and some other teams. Practically every school, college and university in Great Britain has its own sports clubs, and there are various outdoor sports competitions held annually within each school, as well as between different schools, colleges, and universities. These are, as a rule, attended by spectators drawn from all sections of the public, and the Oxford and Cambridge boat races, in which crews from these two universities compete every spring on the Thames, arouse national interest.


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