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Point out Infinitives of result and translate the sentences into Russian

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96. Point out Infinitives of result and translate the sentences into Russian:

1. I intended to use the opportunity, it was too good to be missed. 2. When I left the Post Office I found that I was too late to catch the London train. 3. It was getting too hot to work and we decided to have a break. 4. Dixon was clever enough to avoid talking on this subject with Welch. 5. Michael considered Jonny to be too young to be drawn into their religious community. 6. She was woman enough not to forget to powder her hose even at that critical moment. 7. His case is such as not to be helped. 8. He turned to Margaret to find her in conversation with Carol Goldsmith. 9. He heard a loud knock at the front door and opened it to see a stranger in a shabby raincoat. 10. She liked to be kind to people and used to give promises to forget them at once. 11. He went quickly to the bathroom, and returned to find Murphy sitting beside his bed. 12.1 wish I were strong enough to help you, my boy.

97. Paraphrase the following sentences so as to use infinitives of result:

Examples: 1. The storm was so strong that I couldn't go out. The storm was too strong (for me) to go out.
2. The text is so short that it can be translated in an hour.
The text is short enough to be translated in an hour.
1. It was so dark that he could see nothing before him. 2. You are so experienced, you ought to know better. 3. She was so excited that she couldn't utter a word. 4. He was so angry, he wouldn't speak to me. 5. His English vocabulary is very poor; he can't make himself understood. 6. She knows English so well that she can read Somerset Maugham in the original. 7. Mr. Burton was so cruel that he could send a man to death. 8. The story "A Friend in Need" is so tragic, it can't be merely ironical. 9. The man was so down and out that he could not get a decent job. 10. The man was not very strong and so was unable to swim the distance. It was very late, nobody could save him.

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