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Comment on the mood of the verb in the following sentences

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20. Comment on the mood of the verb in the following sentences:

1. I'll help you if I can. 2. Shut the door after you! 3. She did not know where she was and what had happened. 4.1 remember it so clearly as if it had happened only yesterday. 5. She promised she would be calm. 6. She wouldn't be calm if she knew what has happened. 7. She said she didn't know me. 8. Don't look at me as if you didn't know me. 9. The article was not difficult and I could translate it. 10. If I had a dictionary I could translate the article. 11. If I had not told him, he would never have known. 12. She was sure I had not told him the bad news.

21. Complete the following sentences a) using the Conditional Mood;

1. If it were not so late ... . 2. If it were Sunday today ... . 3. If you invited him ... . 4. If I were you ... . 5. If she lived in Moscow ... . 6. If you had waited -a little ... . 7. If I could play the piano.... 8. If you had done as I told you .... 9. If she were my sister.... 10. If the weather were fine ... .

b) using the Subjunctive Mood:

1. We should go to the country if .... 2.1 should help her if.... 3. He would have done it for you, no doubt, if.... 4. They would play tennis now if .... 5.1 should have come yesterday if.... 6. What would you do if... ? 7. It would be very nice if.... 8. I'd have a walking holiday if.... 9. They'd be only very glad if.... 10. Everything would have been all right if....

22. Supply the correct mood of the verbs in brackets:

1. If they (not to help) us we (not to find) the way. 2. If I (to have) enough money I (to buy) this cassette-recorder. 3. You (to be) able to speak English better if you (to study) harder. 4. If she (to be) older she (to understand) you better. 5. If he (to be) in town yesterday he (to call) on us. 6. We (to enjoy) the play better if it (not to be) so long. 7. My uncle (to be) able to help us if he (to be) here. 8.1 (to do) the same if I (to be) there. 9. If I (to know) of your arrival I (to meet) you. 10. If you (to know) what it is all about, you (not to keep on) smiling. 11. If you (to go) to the theatre last night, I'm sure, you (to enjoy) the play. 12. He (to act) differently if he (to realize) the situation. 13. If she (to come) earlier she (to be) able to see them before they went out. 14. Nobody told me about your trouble. I (to help) you if I (to hear) about it. 15.1 (to come) sooner if I (to know) you were here. 16. We (not to know) anything about their plans for the summer holidays if Mario (not to send) us a letter. 17. If you (to come) between two and three yesterday you (to find) him in. 18. If I (to be) you I (to have) a long wall' "s the park. 19. If 1 (can) help you I readily (to do) so, but you know I can't. 20.1 must be off now. If it (not to be) so late I (to stay) a little longer.

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