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Use the required tenses instead of the infinitives in brackets

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14. Use the required tenses instead of the infinitives in brackets:

The landlady (to bring) the tea. I (not to want) anything, but Ted (to make) me eat some ham. Then I (to sit) at the window. I (not to look) round when the landlady (to come up) to clear away, I (not to want) anyone to speak to me. Ted (to read) a book; at least he (to pretend) to, but he (not to turn) the page, and I (to see) the tears dropping on it. I (to keep on) looking out of the window. It (to be) the end of June, and the days (to be) long. I (to look) at the people going in and out of the public-house and the trams going up and down. I (to think) the day never (to come) to an end; then all of a sudden I (to notice) that it (to be) night. All the lamps (to be lit).
"Why you (not to light) the gas?" I (to say) to Ted. "It's no good sitting in the dark."
He (to light) the gas. I don't know what (to come) over me. I (to feel) that if I (to go on) sitting in that room I (to go) mad. I (to want) to go somewhere where there (to be) lights and people.

15. Comment on the use of tenses in the following sentences and translate them into Russian:

1. She looked at me wonderingly as if asking, "What has been happening to me?" 2. Her soft voice made him tremble. "I feel you've been here for years," she said'. 3. And now, Daddy, I think I'd better go back, in case Mummy's wondering where I am. 4. Then she woke up and said, "Have I been asleep?" 5.1 hope I haven't disturbed you. You weren't asleep, were you? 6. "You've grown!" said Randall. It was true. She had changed. 7. Goodness gracious! What's that? It's the clock striking! So late, and I have been keeping you awake. Good night, Ellen. 8. "Steve loved birds," said Miranda. "He always used to feed them. He would ring a bell every morning and the birds would come." 9. The wind had dropped a little and from somewhere behind the house a cuckoo was calling. 10. You speak to me, as you always do, with the voice of reality. And what you've been saying is quite right. 11. Emma removed her glasses and set her knitting aside. She caressed her closed eyes for a moment with long fingers. 12. She said, rousing herself, "Sorry, Lucy, what did you say?" 13. When Francis and Foy left, Katherine asked Lewis what they had been telling him about young Luke. 14. Do you know when the results will be out? 15. He looked at his watch. It was time to go in now. Mildred would be waiting for him,

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