Владимира Дмитриевича Аракина одного из замечательных лингвистов России

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3. Language Questions

How do you spell...? Are there two ‘l’s or only one?
How do you pronounce the next word? I'm not sure how to say the next word.
Could you use the future (passive) here? Can we leave this out (miss this out) ?
Is there a shorter (better) way of saying this?

4. Politeness

I'm sorry I'm late; I've been to ... I'm afraid I've left my book at home.
Could I leave ten minutes earlier (at twenty to ...)?
Could I have another copy? Have you got an extra sheet?
Shall I turn the lights out?

II. Beginning of Lesson

Let me introduce myself, I'll be teaching you English this year.
It's time to start now, / We can get down to (some) work.
I'll just mark the register. Who is missing (away, not here today) ?
Try not to be late next time.
I'm waiting to start.

III. End of Lesson

There's the buzzer (bell). / We'll have to stop here.
Right. You can put your things away and go.
How are we doing for time?
There are still three minutes to go.
We still have a couple of minutes left.
Hang on a moment/just hold on a minute.
One more thing before you go.
Revise what you did today and then try exercise 5.
Do the rest of the exercise as your homework for tomor­row.
There will be a test on this next Tuesday (in the near fu­ture).

IV. Blackboard Activity

Come out to the board, please (when the teacher is at the front of the class).
Go to the board (when the teacher is standing at the back of the class).
Move out of the way (step aside) so that everyone can see.
Is there anything to correct (that needs correcting)?
What letter is missing? There's a `k' missing (`k' is miss­ing).
Cross the 't's and dot the `i's.
Write it with a capital `j' (it begins with a 'j').
Write it as one word (two words).
These two letters are the wrong way round.
Put a comma (question mark, exclamation mark, colon, semi-colon, full stop) after the word (sentence), please.
Enclose the words in quotation marks (inverted commas), please.
Let's all read the sentences from the board.
Use the duster (sponge).
Put (take, get, write, copy) that down in your notebooks.
Make notes on what I say in your exercise books.
Write it in block (big) letters (in block capitals).
Write (rewrite) it neatly.
Do the exercise in writing.
Will you, please, go to your seat. (Don't say 'Sit down' if a pupil is not standing at his seat.)
Hand in your papers as you leave (go out) and make sure your names are on them.

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