Владимира Дмитриевича Аракина одного из замечательных лингвистов России

I. a) Transcribe and learn to read the following words

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I. a) Transcribe and learn to read the following words:

machines, appreciate, humanity, vital, challenge, individual, awareness, ignorance, fearful, boredom, medium, accept, routine, stimulating, variety.

b) Study Texts A and В and explain the meaning of the words and word combinations listed below:

think privately, the most vital job, a rewarding, job, a challenge to your character, an ignorant teacher, a guardian, the same routine, stimulating work, to go in for teaching

II. a) Write English equivalents of the following words and phrases. Use them in sentences of your own:

сделать выбор, иметь призвание (способности) к чему-л., интересоваться чем-то, подумать о профессии учителя, оценить, быть преданным своей работе, служить людям, жгучее стремление к знаниям, уважение к кому-л.

b) Find in Text A synonyms to the following words and word combinations:

to do well in smth., in fact, because, faithful, confess, gratifying, sincerely, knowledge, to ruin.

III. a) Enlarge upon the following topics:

1. After your parents your teacher may be the most important person in your life. 2. Teaching is not easy and a real challenge to your character, abilities and talent. 3. To be a good teacher you must be genuinely interested in what you are doing. 4. Teaching is a constant stream of decisions. 5. Every time you learn something new you become something new.
P r o m p t s: there's one more thing to be noted, moreover, what's more..., I might as well add that..., in addition, on top of that..., something else I'd like to say is..., talking of....

b) Comment on the quotation from John Steinbeck, say if you share his opinion. Do you also think that teaching equals art? Why do you think that! Find more quotations concerned with teachers and teaching, comment on them.

c) Continue the text on the part of the teacher. You may find the following ideas useful:

A good teacher is one who learns all the time, from life, from colleagues, from children; a professional teacher integrates theory and practice; this sort of work demands great patience; there are many skills necessary for good teaching.

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