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XVI, Comment on the following proverbs and sayings. (Explain their meaning, give their Russian equivalents.)

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XVI, Comment on the following proverbs and sayings. (Explain their meaning, give their Russian equivalents.):

East or West, home is best. There is no place like home.
So many countries, so many customs. When at Rome, do as the Romans do.
Rome was not built in a day. To carry coals to Newcastle.

ХVII. Read the following passage and a) discuss it in detail; b) give a short summary of the passage; c) comment on the following:

the beauty of Britain as the author sees it;
the variety of geographical features;
a happy compromise between Nature and Man.
We live in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This is a fact we are always forgetting. When beautiful islands are mentioned we think of Trinidad67 and Tahiti.68 These are fine, romantic places, but they are not really as exquisitely beautiful as our own Britain. Before the mines and factories came, and long before we went from bad to worse with our ar­terial roads and petrol stations and horrible brick bungalows, this country must have been an enchantment. Even now, after we have been busy for so long flinging mud at this fair pale face, the enchantment still remains. Sometimes I doubt if we deserve to possess it. There can be few parts of the world in which commercial greed and public indifference have com­bined to do more damage than they have here. The process continues. It is still too often assumed that any enterprising fellow after quick profits has a perfect right to destroy a love­liness that is the heritage of the whole community.
The beauty of our country is as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy. Remembering other and larger countries we see at once that one of its charms is that it is immensely var­ied within a small compass. We have here no vast mountain ranges, no illimitable plains. But we have superb variety. A great deal of everything is packed into little space. I suspect that we are always faintly conscious of the fact that this is a smallish island, with the sea always round the corner, We know that everything has to be neatly packed into a small space. Nature, we feel, has carefully adjusted things — mountains, plains, rivers, lakes to the scale of the island itself. A mountain 12,000 feet high would be a horrible mon­ster here, as wrong as a plain 400 miles long, a river as broad as the Mississippi; Though the geographical features of this island are comparatively small, and there is astonish­ing variety almost everywhere, that does not mean that our mountains are not mountains, our plains not plains.
Our children and their children after them must live in a beautiful country. It must be a country happily compromis­ing between Nature and Man, blending what was best, worth retaining from the past with what best represents the spirit of our own age, a country rich in noble towns as it is in trees, birds, and wild flowers. (From "The Beauty of Britain" by J. В. Priestley)

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