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IX. Correct the wrong statements. Add a few more sentences to make up a dialogue

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IX. Correct the wrong statements. Add a few more sentences to make up a dialogue:

1. There is no difference between "soccer" and "rugby". 2. Badminton can be played only indoors. 3. The goal-keep­er acts as a judge in football. 4. Ice hockey is popular with women. 5. A tennis ball is struck with a club. 6. Women are good football players as a rule. 7. People who play draughts are called draughtsmen. 8. We use balls when playing bad­minton. 9. Golf is played on ice fields. 10. Hockey is one of the most popular summer games. 11. Table-tennis and lawn-tennis are one and the same game. 12. In hockey a hand­ball and rackets are used. 13. Boxers fight with bare hands. 14. Track and field events are never included in Olympic Games. 15. You may touch the ball with your hands when playing football.
Prompts: I just don't agree...; I'm not so sure...; All I know is... but at least...; How can you say such a thing! You seem to think that...; That is just the other way round. You are badly mistaken.

X. Try to describe your favourite game. Use a dictionary to look up any special words. Let your partners guess which game you are describing. Speak according to the plan that is given in the example:

E x a m p l e:
1. Number of players (per team):
Two teams of eleven players each.
2. Equipment necessary: a ball.
Each player wears shorts and special boots.
3. Place where played: a special field which has goal posts at both ends.
4. How to play and win: the players kick the ball to each other. They try to kick it between the goal posts of the op­posing team. The opposing team try to stop them, The team scoring the greatest number of "goals" wins.
5. Length of game: one hour and a half, with a break in the middle.
6. Some of the rules: only the two goal-keepers (who stand in front of the two goals) are allowed to touch the ball with their hands; no one can kick or push another player.
(See "Approaches," Cambndge, 1979)

XI. a) Speak on each kind of sport on the list below; briefly describe it as well as the qualities it requires from the sportsman, е.g. strength, endurance, quickness of reaction, courage, etc. Say a few words about its advantages and attractive features:

mountaineering, rowing, yachting, hockey, tennis, basket-ball, volley-ball, chess, boxing, wrestling, fencing, artistic gymnastics, figure-skating, skiing, skating, ski-jump­ing, sky-diving, archery, discus throwing, wind-surfing, stee­plechase, marathon.

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