Урок 2 телефон письменные упражнения

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Book 2

Directions: Fill in the gray blanks as required. The blanks will expand as you type (even if you type an entire paragraph).
Correction: These are not self-correcting exercises. After you have completed the exercise, file the document and attach it as an e-mail to rrobin@gwu.edu. Note: it will help if you “Save As…” so that you can change the name of the document to something that includes your own name, like Smith-ii1-pagoda-e-wkbk.doc.
Stuff you should know: All of this is a bit experimental. The exercises may not match the exercises in the printed workbook exactly. Furthermore, these exercises, unlike those in the printed workbook, have not been professionally proofread.
Copyright: This material is protected intellectual property. Copyright 2003 by Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina, and Joanna Robin. Students at the George Washington University enrolled in Slav 003, Slav 004 and Slav 006 and their teachers may reproduce these materials in the “locked” version as needed. Other reproduction is prohibited.

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