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Read the text and answer the questions

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3. Read the text and answer the questions.
My Favourite Film
Among different types of films (that is comedy, romantic drama, western, adventure film, police drama or detective film, psychological thriller, horror film, historical film) best of all I like comedy and romantic drama, because such films are very cheerful and full of life. I don't like horror films and I find them quite disgusting.
Sometimes I may watch a police drama or a historical film, but I'm not very keen on these types of films. Now let me tell you about one of my favourite films "Gone with the wind" by the novel by Margaret Mitchell.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of its producer, but I like the acting. Scarlett O'Hara — there is no more lively character, which makes the reader and the spectator palpitate (in the film this role was played by Vivian Lee). Maybe the words from the Irish song are about Scarlett: "if the Irish eyes are laughing, oh, they' re stealing your heart".
Scarlett goes through many trials and troubles, but her sharp and strong mind, her strong will help her to survive. And not only to survive, but to render and to develop moral values in this cruel world. Ratt was telling her in vain that they were both scoundrels. He is cynical by conviction, she is under the pressure of circumstances.
Scarlett is a symbol of wonderful America, the child, who was crippled with greed, but didn't lose inner beauty. Even her name, which was found at the last moment the publishing house contained the ideal and vice, innocence and regeneration. In English it sounds like Scarlett flower and illness (scarlet fever).
Much in common, though their characters and fates are different, has Scarlett with the character of another film Jane Eyre.
They are too different, but at the same time too similar. Scarlett is very beautiful, flighty and noisy. Jane isn't beautiful. She is modest and peaceful. But they are both strong in the difficult minutes of the life. Skarlett and Jane for the sake of love can pass through all the difficulties. They are faithful to their men.
And I like it, that they, thank to their mind and abilities reached a lot in life. And eventually people get to appreciate both of them.

1. What is your favourite film?
2. What types of films do you know?
3. Who is the author and producer of your favourite film?
4. What other books, written by this author, are known to you?
5. For what features of character do you like or dislike the main hero?

to palpitate — трепетать
spectator — зритель
scoundrel — подлец
conviction — убеждение
pressure — давление
circumstance — обстоятельство
greed — жадность
scarlet fever — скарлатина
for the sake of love — ради любви
faithful — преданный
to appreciate - ценить

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