Сборник научных трудов российских ученых, принявших участие в работе

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Methods and Study Sample
The study sample consisted of 56 senior preschoolers (28 boys and 28 girls) from the age of 6.0 to 7.0 years with an average-high level of general and non-verbal intelligence development [4, 8]. Children participated in the AE organized as a speech game “Give the word of the opposite meaning”. The experiment included 4 separate series of 5 minutes each. Children listened to the words and gave antonyms to each stimulus. Speech responses in the form of antonyms with a form preservation of the stimulus word were considered as correct verbal reactions. In the first set of the AE the cardiointervals were recorded without intellectual load
(background cardiointervalometry). The second part – set of the AE without emotional-value effect - was called a background AE. The third part of the experiment was carried out under conditions with a positive reward. The child was given one candy for every 5 correct answers. The fourth part of the AE was the most stressful one. In case of mistakes, candies previously received by the child were taken away. Before the experiment children were explained conditions of their activity. Training series of the experiment were performed with each child. The necessity of cardiointervals record with 20 minutes movement immobilization made the AE more difficult.

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