Самостоятельная работа № Задание Написать письменное сообщение «Достоинства и недостатки жизни в городе» Life in a city is

Тема 2.6. «Природа и человек (климат, погода, экология)»

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Тема 2.6. «Природа и человек (климат, погода, экология)».
Самостоятельная работа № 9.
Найти информацию и написать письменное сообщение о местной экологической организации.
The St. Petersburg Ecological Union is a public organization founded in 1991 as a non-profit partnership of environmental firms. The main tasks of the company are the formation of the ecological culture of society, attracting the attention of both the public and the authorities to the problems of environmental safety of products and their production, the formation of the consumer market sector of environmentally friendly products, support for enterprises with environmental programs.
The history of the organization began in 1989, with the formation of the Union of Environmental Cooperatives of St. Petersburg. In 2001, the Ecological Union was transformed into a non-profit partnership. In the same year, the Ecology and Man program was developed, within the framework of which a number of significant environmental projects have been created, which are still being implemented. One of the largest projects of the Ecological Union was the development of a system of voluntary environmental certification "Leaf of Life". Ecological labeling "Leaf of Life", which evaluates the entire life cycle of production of products (services) from the extraction of raw materials to waste disposal, is now known in Russia and recognized abroad.

Тема 2.7. «Отдых, каникулы, отпуск. Туризм».
Самостоятельная работа № 10.
Написать письменное сообщение «Мое любимое место отдыха»
My favorite vacation spot is my dacha. Every weekend we go there by car. At the dacha we have a house and an orchard. I like to sit in the gazebo and watch my husband cook kebabs. My children spend all their time outdoors. My family and I love to walk in the woods and pick mushrooms and berries. There is a lake near my dacha. And in the summer we go to the beach and swim. I love my dacha very much.

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