Пьесы китайских драматургов на советской сцене в 1955-1965 годах

Plays of Chinese dramatists on the Soviet scene in 1955-1965

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Plays of Chinese dramatists on the Soviet scene in 1955-1965
Introduction. Against the background of the intensive development of state relations between the PRC and the USSR in the 1950s, Chinese theatrical performances were seen in Soviet theaters. Soviet viewers learned about life in China not only through the media and scientific publications, but also got acquainted with the state of Chinese dramatic theatrical art. In addition, the popularity of the Chinese theater was associated with the productions of Soviet directors of works of Chinese drama on the stages of the dramatic theaters of the Soviet Union. All this testified to the fact that in the 1955-1965s, the Chinese Drama Theater was really widely popular among Soviet audiences. Analysis and criticism of Chinese plays staged in the USSR in the 1950s suggests that summarizing the heritage of the past, we can predict some patterns in the development of dramatic theater in general and the dramatic art of China and Russia, in particular, in the 21st century.

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