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The purpose of the study was to diagnose the level of anxiety of schoolchildren in grade 5 and conduct therapy with body-oriented methods.
Research Methods. The article summarizes the approaches of body-oriented therapy for the prevention of anxiety in students, in particular, V. Reich about removing muscle clamps, the Retri method. A program for diagnosing anxiety in schoolchildren was developed, which included the following methods: R. Tamml, M. Dorki, V. Amen anxiety test (Dermanova, 2002); test for child anxiety (Lavrentieva G.P., Titarenko T. M., 2017); diagnosis of school anxiety - Phillips questionnaire; technique “Ladder” (Schur, 2017). A training program for the prevention of anxiety among schoolchildren was developed, which was tested at school No. 38 in Almaty with 5 th grade schoolchildren. 55 pupils participated in the search experiment.
Definition of Anxiety
Anxiety is an increased tendency of a person to worry, anxiety and fear, most often without foundation. Both disquiet and anxiety are an integral part or consequence of stress. The main difference between them is that disquiet is an episodic state, anxiety is persistent (May, 2001; Spielberg, 2001; Shcherbatykh, 2007; Prikhohan, 2007).
A comparative analysis of the concept of “anxiety” showed that most of the researchers, in particular O.X. Maurer understands this concept
as the individual psychological peculiarity of each person, which manifests itself in the ability to regularly experience peace of mind in different social and life situations, even if there are no grounds and prerequisites for this (Pogorelova, 2002). In our study, we will use the definition and approach of the scientist A. M. Prikhozhan, who defines anxiety as experiencing a certain emotional discomfort (Prikhozhan, 2007).
The occurrence of anxiety, according to the scientist, is associated with a premonition of ill- health, the onset of danger. For the first time, the term “anxiety” was introduced into psychological science by Z. Freud (Freud, 1990). Anxiety is understood as emotions that have a negative connotation.

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