«иностранный язык» (английский) Булбук В. Р. Группа: Ср-111с при проверил: Альбрехт Н. В. Екатеринбург 2022 Answers to the questions

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Министерство просвещения Российской Федерации
Федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение
высшего образования
«Российский государственный профессионально-педагогический университет»
Институт психолого-педагогического образования
Кафедра русского и иностранных языков

Практическое занятие №1
Выполнил: Булбук В.Р.
Группа: Ср-111С ПрИ

Проверил: Альбрехт Н.В.

Екатеринбург 2022
Answers to the questions:
1. What is the aim of higher education in our country?
Higher education plays an important part in the life of our country as it provides the country with highly-qualified specialists
2. Is it accessible for all?
Higher education in this country is accessible to all.
3. Do the students study all free of charge?
The greater part of students study free of charge, some - on a commercial basis.
4. What can be said about the academic year?
The academic year usually lasts 9 months and is divided into two terms. At the end of each semester students take exams. If the results are good students get grants. Twice a year students have vacations - two weeks in winter and two months in summer.
5. What are the stages of education?
The first and second-year students obtain thorough information in the fundamental sciences. The curriculum is enriched and broadened by such subjects as foreign languages, history and economics. At the third year students get more advanced knowledge and begin to concentrate on their "major" subjects. In senior years theory is accompanied by practical training.
After four years they will get a Bachelor's degree. Then the students may go on with their studies and in a year or two of further study and research get a Master's degree. After graduating they may continue research and get a still higher degree.
6. What university do you study at?
I study at the Russian State Vocational Pedagogic University.
7. When was it founded?
Russian State Vocational Pedagogic University was founded in 1979
8. What was it called at first?
The Sverdlovsk Engineer Pedagogic Institute.
9. When was it given the Russian status?
On January 24, 1991, by the decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR, the Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute was awarded the status of the Russian State Pedagogical University.
10. What is the structure of our university?
The structure of our university includes different departments (full time and correspondence). Each department has a number of study chairs.
11. What faculty do you study at?
I am a student of the Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogical Education
12. Do you enjoy studying at this university?
I like studying at this university, I get a lot of new knowledge every day and find new acquaintances.

Translate from Russian into English.
1. Сейчас есть институт, где все учатся на коммерческой основе - Now there is an institute where everyone studies on a commercial basis
2. Многие студенты не получают стипендию, так как они учатся плохо - Many students do not receive a scholarship because they study poorly.
3. В конце каждого семестра мы сдаем экзамены - At the end of each semester we take exams.
4. На первом и втором курсах они получают подробные сведения из области фундаментальных наук - In the first and second years, they receive detailed information from the field of basic sciences.
5. Наша еда должна быть обогащена минералами - Our food should be enriched with minerals.
6. Эта дорога должна быть расширена - This road must be widened.
7. На старших курсах они получают углубленные знания по предметам - In the senior years, they receive in-depth knowledge of the subjects.
8. После окончания института можно продолжить исследования - After graduation, you can continue research.
9. Мой друг - студент заочного отделения - My friend is a correspondence student.
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