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Boundless Renewal: Embrace the Power of Reflection to Rejuvenate, Attract, and Achieve

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Boundless Renewal: Embrace the Power of Reflection to Rejuvenate, Attract, and Achieve

Don't let the speed of life get the best of you. Rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disengaged, or out of control with Bernie Saunders and Paul Scheele's Boundless Renewal. Use these breakthrough insights and strategies to bring greater emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance to your life.

Your course includes six audio sessions, including a brand new Paraliminal session, a comprehensive 56-page course manual, a journal, and a special package that holds the secrets to boundless renewal. See what happens when you shift your life's focus from the ever ticking clock to something more valuable.

Four Powers For Greatness: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing

Discover the four "power" skills that can stop you cold, or lead you to greatness: listening, reading, speaking, writing.

When you complete the six audio recordings of Professor J. Michael Bennett's Four Powers For Greatness Personal Learning Course you will be able to quickly and efficiently absorb thoughts, ideas, and feelings by becoming a more effective listener and reader. Plus, you will enjoy the ability to express yourself with powerful speaking and writing skills. Personal Celebration


Paul Scheele's Personal Celebration Series builds safe havens for you when you are stressed and frustrated from our disjointed society. They provide comfort, peacefulness, and a sense of purpose. They allow you to move through life without being adversely affected by the constant flow of negative messages bombarding everyone. As a result you are happier, more prosperous, and fulfilled.

EasyLearn Language Programs: Spanish, French, German

Learn a world language in the same effortless manner you learned your native language with the fun and easy-to-use EasyLearn Spanish, French, and German audio programs. You will learn in an accelerative style with closed-eye relaxation and creative visualization for easier and more enjoyable learning. An 800-word introductory language provides you the confidence for travel and simple exchanges. It is much easier to use and master than the typical 2500-5000 word language training programs, which often sit on a person's bookshelf unused.

Each EasyLearn program complements other language training whether classroom or self-study. It provides a great refresher for people who have previously learned or studied the language.

Spring Forest Qigong: for health

For thousands of years, the Chinese elite have known that controlled breathing techniques combined with focused concentration and simple movements can significantly improve one's health. They have called this practice Qigong (pronounced "Chee-Gong").

Chunyi Lin, a Qigong master with over 20 years experience, has demystified this ancient practice and made it practical for today. Spring Forest Qigong, Level 1 guides you through simple, easy-to-follow exercises for a vibrant health and well-being. Level 2 guides you to help other people heal themselves.

Two exercises from Spring Forest Qigong, "Moving of Yin & Yang" and "Breathing of the Universe," are particularly useful for PhotoReading and learning in general.

Euphoria: The gift of a healthy, balanced, and energetic life

Chunyi Lin joins six experts to help you experience a natural, euphoric high. Learn to enter, at will, a sense of inner calm. Experience joyful flowing with the events around you. Feel blissful happiness, love, rapture, and peace of mind.

Paul Scheele presents a Paraliminal session, Hale Dwoskin teaches the Sedona Method for euphoria, D. Trinidad Hunt helps you find your purpose, Chunyi Lin presents a Spring Forest Qigong meditation that is similar to the Self-Concentration meditation in Level 1, Bill Harris gives you a Holosync experience, and Rex Steven and Carolyn Sikes take you on a ride with the Attitude Activator - all giving you the gift of a healthful, balanced, and energetic life.

Memory Optimizer: A fun, bold approach to vastly improve your memory

Improve your memory with a unique, new approach using Vera F. Birkenbihl's "The Birkenbihl Method" and Paul Scheele's "Paraliminal Learning." Concepts and practical processes such as Intelligent Gap Management, the Inner Archive, Memory Pyramid, and the Anchorman List coupled with 57 memory tricks will give strength to your memory and ability to learn. The course manual includes a section to strengthen PhotoReading activation.

Resiliency: The Power To Bounce Back

Use Resiliency strategies to overcome adversity and thrive in most any circumstances. Get both the edge to handle life's annoyances and setbacks as well confidence to deal powerfully with cataclysmic events. Al Siebert and Paul Scheele help you build mental and emotional flexibility to turn misfortune into good fortune.

Genius Code: Guiding you into the realm of genius

Tune into those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition.

Paul Scheele and Win Wenger created a fascinating exploration into the human mind with useful and practical applications that can benefit you immediately. Plus, you will receive tips for using the processes of Genius Code to activate books that you PhotoRead.

Genius Mind DVD

Forget boring talks about "brain power"... this is a rock concert of mental potential. You'll see how the brain works and learn how to use this knowledge to further your Financial, Relationship and Academic Success.

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To order the products please use the order form that came with your course. Additional information can be found on our website, www.LearningStrategies.com or by calling us at 800-735-8273.

All purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and success coaching

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