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With this course you received a Paraliminal Session called Memory Supercharger. One listening and you will understand why hundreds of thousands of people enjoy Paraliminals. Other Paraliminal recordings can help you master and integrate the PhotoReading whole mind system.

While the descriptions below focus on getting more benefit from PhotoReading, they can be very useful in helping you achieve goals in other areas of your life.

Paraliminals are unlike anything you have used for personal growth.

You will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while at the same time you will hear another voice in the other ear speaking to a different part of the brain. Very unusual, but pleasurable and effective. Start building your library today!

Personal Genius helps you get into the flow state and use the full resources of your inner mind for learning.

Automatic Pilot vaporizes negative self-talk and helps you move toward goals without self-sabotage. This recording is great if you habitually talk yourself out of reading things you want or need.

Get Around To It helps eliminate procrastination and motivates you to take action now. If you find yourself putting off reading, then listen to it today.

New Behavior Generator helps overcome resistance and establish the habit of reading.

New History Generator helps overcome a history of being a poor reader or of being unsuccessful in school. It encourages and supports your new reading goals.

Anxiety-Free helps overcome anxieties about studying, reading, testing, and taking responsibility for your own success.

Belief helps build strong and necessary belief in your own capabilities as a PhotoReader.

Dream Play helps you program and recall your dreams, which can be effective activation tools for PhotoReading.

Prosperity helps you win the benefits of PhotoReading by achieving promotions, higher productivity, better grades, etc.

Deep Relaxation helps you access the PhotoReading state of relaxed alertness.

Self-Esteem Supercharger helps build a positive self-concept.

10-Minute Supercharger helps your mind become mentally alert and your body revitalized. It is great for long study sessions.

New Option Generator helps resolves problems by creating new solutions.

Ideal Weight helps you reach and maintain your ideal weight without fad diets.

Positive Relationships helps attract and improve personal or professional relationships.

Sales Leap helps improve your performance in all forms of persuasion.

Smoke-Free helps you enjoy the healthy life-style of a nonsmoker.

Perfect Health helps align your mind and body for health and well-being.

Youthful Vitality helps bring back unbridled vitality and other desirable traits of youth.

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