Этот детский сад известен как «Солнце». Почти 60 детей в возрасте от до лет составляют восемь классов детей. Каждый класс группируется вместе по возрасту

Задание 5 10 rules for the basics of a healthy lifestyle and life safety for children

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Задание 5
10 rules for the basics of a healthy lifestyle and life safety for children

  1. Be sure to brush your teeth after waking up in the morning and before going to bed.

  2. Keep combs, elastic bands and hairpins clean.

  3. Be sure to wash your hands when you get home, before and after eating, after playing with animals, after going to the toilet.

  4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your clothes and shoes.

  5. Spend 10-15 minutes exercising and your body will always be in excellent condition.

  6. Children are not allowed to walk through the corridors without an adult accompanying them;

  7. It is necessary to move along the corridors of the kindergarten calmly, adhering to the right side of the corridor;

  8. Carefully cross the intersections of the corridors, because you don't see who can walk towards you;

  9. When moving through the corridors, always look ahead so as not to run into ledges in the walls or nannies hurrying with pots to the kitchen and back;

  10. Corridors and stairs are not a place for games and pampering. Remember that!

«Correct posture from childhood»
Correct posture is not just beautiful!
The ability to keep one's body not only gives a person a pleasant spring appearance, but also has a great influence on his state of health, on the vital activity of the whole organism.

8 reasons to have a correct and healthy posture:
1. The more beautiful the back, the more confident the person.
Good posture will increase your self-confidence. Try this: take a deep breath and stand straight. You are feeling better? More confident?
2. Breathing becomes lighter and deeper.
Try this: sit down and hunch over. Try to take a breath. Note that it is harder to breathe this way. This is an example of how our muscles and tendons become stiff and cause difficulty in breathing.

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