Этот детский сад известен как «Солнце». Почти 60 детей в возрасте от до лет составляют восемь классов детей. Каждый класс группируется вместе по возрасту

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First days of school

  1. When should testing be done?

  2. What methods does the teacher use?

  3. How many methods?

  4. How to make the game more interesting?

  5. How to end the game?

  6. How will Psychological adaptation of the child to school be easier?

  7. How to understand that the adaptation of children to the school is right?

  8. What is needed for children with a severe degree of adaptation?

  9. When should you consult with your teacher?

  10. What is the benefit of the event held at the beginning of the year?

Задание 5.

  • Do not run through corridors, stairs, offices and any other school premises not designed for this;

  • Don't push, don't fight, don't shout. Do not play active games in rooms not directly designed for this purpose;

  • Any conflicts that arise between students should be resolved peacefully or through the teacher;

  • Be careful when moving through potentially dangerous places: stairs, slopes, icy surface, etc.;

  • In winter, do not come close to the walls of the school to eliminate the risk of injury from falling snow or icicles;

  • Do not bring unauthorized dangerous objects or substances to school that can harm others: pyrotechnic or explosive devices, sharp, cutting objects, any type of small arms (including pneumatic);

  • Do not climb trees, roofs, fences, greenhouses and any other high-rise structures;

  • Do not attempt to enter the territory of economic and technical premises without authorization. Do not climb into attics, basements and other places that are not intended for direct education or recreation of schoolchildren;

  • Do not tease, drive away or feed animals (usually dogs) that are on the territory of the educational institution. Report cases of such animals to the teacher;

  • Do not leave the school grounds without the appropriate permission of the teacher;

Пермь - 2022

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