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Motivation and will in the regulation of individual’s decision-making

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04 Меленчук, 04 Меленчук, 04 Меленчук, 04 Меленчук, Istor psihotehniki, Bulletin 17 46 SOI s.71 88, Bulletin 17 46 SOI s.71 88, УМО статья финал финал
Motivation and will in the regulation
of individual’s decision-making

Oleksandr Sannikov

Doctor of Psychology, professor,

Department of Theory and Methodology of Applied Psychology,

State institution «South Ukrainian National Pedagogical

University named after K. D. Ushinsky».

Odessa, Ukraine.

ORCID іD: 0000-0002-6743-0182

Researcher ID: I-5165-2018

Svitlana Sribna

Master's student of the Department of retraining

of specialists for the master's program «Psychology»

State institution «South Ukrainian National Pedagogical

University named after K. D. Ushinsky».

Odessa, Ukraine.


Annotation. The article presents the results of studying the motivation, will and decisiveness of the individual. The interrelation of achievement motivation, volitional qualities and decisiveness of the personality is shown, their psychological features in actual self-realization of the personality are revealed. The research of domestic and foreign scientists on the essence of the concept of individual’s «self-realization» and approaches to its study is generalized. The author considered the issues of professional self-realization and carried out the analysis of choice regulators as a source of personal self-realization. The views of scientists on the problem of individual’s motivation and will, their role as regulators of the decisiveness of specialist’s personality are considered.

It is assumed that motivation and will provide choice and decision-making by the individual. The presence of reliable, statistically significant relationships of volitional qualities, achievement motivation and decisiveness of the individual is shown. The conditions that prove that the pronounced motivation maintains decisiveness in an active state are singled out. We can assume that the motivation for choice is not only a regulator but also an energy source of decisiveness. It is found out that the volitional qualities of the individual also provide overcoming the uncertainty of choice, are regulators of the psychological complexity of decision-making, indirectly increase productivity of decisions.

For empirical research, the original psychodiagnostic complex was used; it included the following: A. Mehrabian’s «Test of achievement motivation» (Mehrabian Achieving Tendency Scale, MATS); S. Badner’s scale «Intolerance – Tolerance to Uncertainty» (ITN-TU); I. Janis & L. Mann’s «Melbourne Decision-Making Questionnaire» (МДMQ); G. J. Eysenck «Decision-Making Questionnaire» (DMQ); procedure «Multidimensional scales of decisiveness» (MSD) by O. I. Sannikov.

Statistical data processing was performed using the software SPSS 13.0 for Windows. Quantitative (correlation) and qualitative (method of «aces» and method of «profiles») data analyzes were employed. Statistically significant relationships between indicators of motivation, decisiveness and individual’s volitional qualities were revealed. The description of psychological characteristics of decisiveness and volitional qualities of the individual in persons with high and low level of achievement motivation is provided.

Comparison of the characteristics of decisiveness in people with different levels of achievement motivation showed that motivated people demonstrate decisiveness, energy, determination and initiative in achieving the goal. They do not depend on other people’s opinion, are attentive to details, focused on achieving the ultimate goal. It is proved that motivation and will determine the specifics of decisiveness, thus performing not only the regulatory function, but also the function of activating the resources of personal choice.

Key words: regulation of choice, decision-making, decisiveness, achievement motivation, individual’s volitional qualities.

Скачать 351,5 Kb.

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