5G будут мультисервисными инфраструктурами и, следовательно, будут предлагать выгоду от совместных инвестиций, улучшая прибыльность каждого сервиса

Abstract— The greatest hopes today in the development of an

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Abstract— The greatest hopes today in the development of an
economy based on data in the EU are connected with the
coming transition of their countries to a new generation of
communication - 5G. It is estimated that 5G will not only
expand the user capabilities of the customers' people of this
connection, but, even more significantly, 5G will be able to
support 1000 times more electronic devices per square meter
than 4G. The article discusses examples of how this potential
emerges and changes the economy of the industries associated
with the development of digital transport corridors of the EU,
which form the basis for supplying European cities and the
development of the entire continent. Europe has set ambitious
targets for the deployment of 5G in the 5G Action Plan since
2016, as well as for the 5G pan-European corridors for

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