1. Найди и исправь ошибки в видо-временной форме глаголов

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English for Polly. Рассылка 2
English for Polly. Рассылка 2, English for Polly. Рассылка 2

1. Найди и исправь ошибки в видо-временной форме глаголов.

  1. Ravi and Anjelica are happy together: they are married since 2017.

  2. We usually have had our lunch before 6 p.m.

  3. I never do eat salmon.

  4. Polina often going to the movies.

  5. Tanya is the laziest person I ever meet.

  6. They will go to the zoo last weekend.

  7. You are knitting this sweater for a month already!

  8. Did she brought the money yesterday?

  9. Nick studied at the library next Friday.

  10. Does Jane has a car?

  11. Riccardo didn’t cooked anything for you.

  12. Mary is wearing jeans every day.

  13. I had eaten roast turkey many times.

  14. The boy broke the window before we came here.

  15. Your dog barked the whole evening yesterday.

  16. She was talking on the phone while I ate sushi.

  17. Fred has many jobs during his life.

  18. She will watch her favourite soap-opera at 10 o’clock tonight.

  19. Our plane leave in 2 hours. We are flying to Spain.

  20. He don’t read the instructions yet. He is not brainy. He is stupid.

  21. The situation will change by Thursday. But its not for sure.

  22. How long are you learning to speak Spanish?

  23. I have planted twenty kg of Indian grass last Sunday.

  24. When we woke up in the morning the rain has already stopped.

  25. Renata is wearing contact lenses for about 10 years already.


2. Найди в тексте ошибки в форме глаголов и поставь в правильную.

I am afraid my daughter became a chocoholic. There was a time when she eat just a bar of chocolate a day. But now she is wanting only chocolate. Chocolate sweets, chocolate ice-cream or milk, chocolate muffins: these is her favorite foods. She constantly eat sweets. I already notice some changes in her figure.

When I came home last night she is eating chocolate doughnuts. In fact she ate five of them before I came. And that was the first time she ate so much. For that reason I decided to phone my friend Alexander. He works as a doctor for 10 years and I often asking him to give a good advice. I am thinking he is the best doctor I ever met.  So he asked us to came to his office. So at this time tomorrow we’ll visit him and discuss this problem.

I’m sure that by next spring my daughter will give up her bad habit, and in a couple of months’ time she will eat healthy food only. But, please, not tell it to anyone. You are the only person who is knowing it.


3. Поставь глагол to study в необходимую форму для каждого случая, не переводя всего предложения.

to study

  1. Полина изучает латынь в институте.

  2. Таня изучает историю России в данный момент.

  3. Риккардо учил математику вчера.

  4. Вчера с 6 до 9 вечера Гарри учил травологию.

  5. Он изучает защиту от темных искусств уже два года.

  6. Он только что выучил тему по истории магии.

  7. Завтра Таня выучит пять тем. Но это не точно.

  8. Когда Полина позвонила Тане, она уже выучила две темы.

  9. Когда Таня позвонила Полине, она учила латынь уже полтора часа.

  10. Завтра к 6 часам я выучу все темы. (Нет)

  11. Завтра в 6 часов Полина будет учить историю Испании.

  12. К тому времени, как придет отец, я уже несколько часов буду учить историю.

Или делать вид, что я ее учу.
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